Making applications / websites / systems in an effort to digitize, which is divided into 2 services:
Human Resources was created in order to facilitate the HRD in managing human resources including : careers path, training center, e-learning, payroll, attendance, etc
Psychological Test
Digitizing psychological test to be practical when filling in and psychotest results will be obtained in real time
IT Consultation
Konsultasi & Upgrade system/jaringan/aplikasi yang sedang dan atau akan berjalan, Cost Optimization, Perencanaan pembuatan Aplikasi/Software
Web Design
Perancangan & pembuatan website perusahaan untuk keperluan branding dan atau company profile.
IT Procurement
1. Server Appliance. 2. Network Appliance (Router, Bridge, Hub, Access Point, Load Balancer, Firewall, Cabling
Managed Services
1. Preventive action pada sistem, seperti update OS dan package terbaru. 2. Monitor system performance, network bandwidth, dan resource utilization)
Professional Services
nstalasi server (Baremetal dan Cloud, AWS, GCP, Alibaba). Instalasi Jaringan VoIP Instalasi jaringan PABX Migrasi system (Baremetal to Cloud, Cloud to Cloud, Cloud to baremetal). Migrasi Database. Smart Appliance based on IoT (Smart door lock, RFID)
Our Others Service
Fulfilling the needs of employees which is divided into 4 services.
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Talent training before starting to work in a company which is divided into 4 services.
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